Our All in All

God gives us Himself, in all His gifts He gives us Himself. . . . Does God give us righteousness? He Himself is our righteousness. Does God give us peace? Christ is our peace. Does God give us light? He is our light. Does God give us bread? He is the bread we eat. God Himself is our strength. God is ours, and in all His gifts and blessings He gives Himself.

—Adolph Saphir, Epistle to the Hebrews, 211

REFORMATION 500: Christ Alone

Johann von Staupitz, Luther’s mentor, asked him once, “Luther, what happens if all this works, if you have your Reformation. What happens to the devotions, and to the pilgrimages, and to the relics, and to all the wonderful things of the Church; and to the marvelous, majestic liturgy, with all of its pomp and ceremony; all these things that we’ve grown up with and that we love so dearly and that are so close to our hearts? What will be left when you’re through?”

And Luther said, “Christ.”

—cited by Michael Horton