Revelation and Response (5)

Liturgy is an intentionally gathered community in mutual dialogue with God’s self-communication.

—Don Saliers


The First Move

Christian worship is our affirmative, transforming response to the self- revelation of God. . . . We are not seeking to find or to know an obscure, frightening being who needs to be placated. God makes and continues to make the first move, showing himself in power and in love, inviting our response. In fact, worship is any and every affirmative response to God.

—Don Hustad, in Jubilate II: Church Music in Worship and Renewal

Worship in Romans (28)

Thankful self-offering to the true God in response to His mercies is reasonable, right-minded worship [Romans 12:1], in contrast to the topsy-turvy mentality that withholds thanksgiving and trades truth for a lie (1:21,25).

—Michael B. Thompson, “Romans 12.1–2 and Paul’s Vision for Worship” in A Vision for the Church, 125