The Neglected Trinity (18)

Overemphasis of one person to the exclusion of the others is in fact a virtual denial of the true God. The Father without the Son and Spirit may be treated as a first cause but not as creator; the Son without the Father and Spirit leads to a Jesuology of one who does not lead us in salvation to the Father or give the Spirit. And the Spirit without the Father and the Son may emphasize our subjective experience or the variety of gifts but is loosed from his true context in the divine life.

—John Thompson, Modern Trinitarian Perspectives95

All Glory (2)

Each aspect of worship, preaching, praying, sacraments all involve the glorification of God on the basis of what He has already done for us. It is also the heart of the missionary task of the church. It is the final joy of the saints, to rest from their labors, and the goal and purpose of all creation. “Our being changed from glory into glory is itself for the greater glory of God.” (Geoffrey Wainwright)

—John Thompson, “The Trinity and Worship,” in Modern Trinitarian Perspectives, 103-4

All Glory

Christians are those who live to the glory of God and give Him glory. This is expressed in various formulas as a climactic expression of all acts of public worship. But before it is our doing, and as such, it is God’s own act as triune—one could say an act of self-glorification—an inner trinitarian event.

—John Thompson, “The Trinity and Worship,” in Modern Trinitarian Perspectives, 101