First Things First

Before there was a command to love God, there was the revelation, “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one.”  There is no truth, no validity in our worship if the one we worship is not the true and living Creator and Redeemer.

—Garry D. Nation, “The Essentials of Worship: Toward a Biblical Theology of Worship,” Journal of the American Academy of Ministry 5.3 & 4 (Winter-Spring 1997): 6-7

Defining Worship 36

Worship, by definition, is where the creature recognizes that he or she is a creature and God alone is the Creator. Worship is an act of submission, of placing oneself under the deity. This, of course, also implies a denial of one’s own divinity, a denial that one is lord over one’s own life.

—Ben Witherington, A Vision of Kingdom Worship, 36