What We’re For

“Worship God” (Revelation 19:10) Notice the two things [the angel] says. 1) He is speaking in the imperative mood. He is talking a commandment from heaven. And this commandment produces the picture of worship as an obligation. Now of course you are going to say to me, “But worship, when it’s true, is something in which we take delight, rather than regard as a duty.” Of course we do. Please God, we do. But my dear friends, it still remains a duty in which we delight. It is what we were created for. It is God’s insistence from the mouth of Jesus, “You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only shall you serve.” And, although we delight in it, we worship God not for the pleasure we get out of it, but for the glory to Him that is in it. And that’s what we’re for!

—Eric Alexander, “Worship God! (Rev. 19:10)” (sermon)

For His Glory

My friends, we need to learn a little of a jealous concern for the glory of God, because this is what puts worship in its true context. And it’s so easy to be worshiping idols. Let me put one illustration of that into the whole context of worship. I overheard someone, some time ago now, coming out of a church service and saying to someone who was standing nearby, “Well, I didn’t get a thing out of that worship. Didn’t do anything for me!” And I heard the voice of a kindly and wise pastor saying, “I always thought that what mattered about worship was what God got out of it, not you and me.”And when we begin to have the test of worship what I get out of it, beloved, we are in the world of idol worship, and the idol is ourselves.

O for a passion for the glory of God!

—Eric Alexander, “Worship God! (Rev. 19:10)” (sermon)

To Know Him Is to Worship Him

The real key to biblical worship is always increasing in the knowledge of God. . . . Preaching is not listening to some man giving his own ideas, or sharing his philosophy; it is listening to someone opening up the truth of Holy Scripture and expounding it. Why? So that we might come to know God, because this is where He is to be known. And worship is not some mystical activity; it derives from knowing God. This is how we learn to worship God. And as He reveals Himself to us, we are enabled to be absorbed with His glory and majesty and beauty, His righteousness, His truth, His love, His mercy, and so on. And we worship Him, because we are coming to know Him. The more you know God, the more you will worship Him in spirit and truth.

—Eric Alexander, “Worship God! (Rev. 19:10)” (sermon)

God’s Delight in Himself

God created the world to reveal Himself. There is, then, a property in God’s being that not only delights in Himself but longs to show Himself. We might say that there is a divine self-love in God. But unlike the display of narcissism in God’s creatures, this self-love is not sinful, for God’s delight in Himself is not a vain misconception. It is just and right.

—John Hannah, To God Be the Glory, 18