Angels and Saints, and Demons

The one thing that angels and saints, as we are described in Scripture, have in common is that we are servants. We exist and are called by God to be servants. You will know that that’s what angels were created for. This is the real horror of what happened to Satan. He was created an angel by God; he became a fallen angel because he rebelled against his status and fell. Isaiah cries,“How you are fallen, Lucifer, son of the morning.” And he fell from the high glory of his privilege of being created as a servant to glorify God.

—Eric Alexander, “Worship God! (Rev. 19:10)” (sermon)

Worship in Revelation (5)

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The distinction between Christ and the angels which John establishes in chapter 5 with regard to the work of establishing God’s reign is therefore strictly parallel to the distinction we have observed John using with regard to the giving of revelation. Just as the angels are only fellow-servants with the Christian prophets in the communication of revelation and may not be worshipped (19:10; 22:8-9), so the angels who implement the divine purpose in history are only fellow-servants with the prophets and martyrs who bear the witness of Jesus in the world. In both cases, however, Christ, although He receives the revelation from God (1:1) and the scroll from God (5:7), is not classed with the servants who may not be worshipped but with God to whom worship is due.

—Richard Bauckham, “The Worship of Jesus in Apocalyptic Christianity,” New Testament Studies, vol. 27