Come to the Table 3

In New Covenant worship, the peace offering is fulfilled in the Lord’s Supper, and these passages indicate that song during the celebration of the Lord’s Supper is appropriate and good. Much Eucharistic music, however, is far too slow, meditative, and melancholy, contributing powerfully to a Eucharistic piety that treats the Supper as “tomb” rather than “table.” Meditative music might occasionally be used at the Supper, but I believe that vigorous and triumphal music is far more appropriate. The Supper is a victory meal, memorializing the death that vanquished the powers and led captivity captive. It is not a moment to wallow in sorrow, but a moment to celebrate Christ the Victor.

—Peter J. Leithart, From Silence to Song: The Davidic Liturgical Revolution, 128


One thought on “Come to the Table 3

  1. Ron, this is so true! My Anglican church in Wheaton does Eucharist music well…moving us well from contemplation to celebration, ending with a song that the kids come up and DANCE to! Such a joyous occasion 😉 I miss that church…


    Nancy Nethercott, D.W.S. TEAM missionary in Japan 1987~2015 Worship Consultant and Workshop Leader Co-Director, IWS GROW Center [Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies Global Renewal of Worship Center]


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