Worship is . . .

Worship is the response of the redeemed life (Rom. 12:1) to the glory of God in all its facets (Rom. 11:36), as revealed in His works (Deut. 5:24; Rom. 1:19-20), His written Word (Ps. 150:2), and preeminently in His incarnate Word of God, our Lord Jesus Christ (John 1:14,18).

True worship is Word-informed (John 4:23), heart-grounded (John 4:23; Mark 7:6-7), God-centered (Rev. 22:9), Christ-exalting (Rev. 5:12) and Spirit-empowered (Phil. 3:3).

“Worship is the supreme and only indispensable activity of the Christian Church” (William Nicholls), the ultimate goal of the Church (John Piper), and as such should be the final trajectory of all life and ministry. “The purpose of theology is doxology; we study in order to praise.” (J. I. Packer)

Worship has as its root unchanging biblical principles applied and played out in a rich diversity of culturally inflected manifestations. Worship should simultaneously be transcultural, contextual, cross-cultural and counter-cultural (Nairobi Statement on Worship and Culture).

—Ron Man, from a grant proposal to the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship on behalf of the International Council of Ethnodoxologists, 2005

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