Church Music not an End in Itself

“Church Music: A Functional Art”

–Don Hustad, title of Chapter 2 in his Jubilate II: Church Music in Worship and Renewal.

“Art in the liturgical context is not an end in itself. It is instead a servant of our chief end, which is the praise and glory of God.”

–Dean Thompson, “Art in Service of Worship,” Reformed Liturgy and Music 21 (Winter 1987): 63

“If ‘music as art’ itself is the ultimate goal, then music can even become idolatry, in which the musical art form is worshipped for its own sake, not created and presented as an offering to God or a means of praising God.”

–Dean Thompson, “Worship Music: Maintaining Dynamic Tension,” McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry 7 (2006): 135-6

Properly viewed, church music “runs back up the sunbeam to the sun.”

–C. S. Lewis, Letter to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer, 90

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