Christ’s Ascension 2

Heidelberg Cathechism (1563)

Question 49: What benefit do we gain from Christ’s ascension into heaven?

First, that he pleads our cause in heaven in the presence of his Father.

Second, that we have our flesh in heaven: taken there as a sure pledge that Christ our head will take us, his members, there to himself.

And third, that he sends us his Spirit, sent back as a further pledge: by whose power we make our goal not earthly things, but things above where Christ is, seated at God’s right hand.

Keeping the Main Thing The Main Thing

The content of public worship is of immense importance. P. T. Forsyth said, “The preacher is not there to astonish people with the unheard of, he is there to revive them in what they have long heard.” What is so for preaching . . . is also true for the context in which preaching takes place. Every element of the public worship of the people of God must communicate the true content of the faith, which finds its focus on the person and work of Jesus the Messiah.

–Noel Due, Created for Worship, 235