New text for “Suo-Gan” (Welsh carol)

Lo, a child, born of Mary,
Rests this night in Bethlehem.
Bowing here before his count’nance
Magi, shepherds, ox and lamb.
Come, o wand’rers, come, o restless,
Here your riven soul shall mend!
Fixed between the constellations,
Heav’n’s own light shall guide you there.

Nothing for your journey taking,
Bread and money leave behind.
He who calls you shall sustain you:
All your needs his pow’r shall meet.
Rise you now, o risen Christian.
Tarry not, O hasten there!
By the Christ child’s lowly manger,
Kneel and laud the newborn King!

Make your way in bless’d communion
With your neighbor and your kin.
These, His people, these, His body:
God’s own saints will go with you!
Through the tempest, through the desert,
Hand in hand your way shall be.
Go in vict’ry! Go, rejoicing!
Let your song outlast the night!

–Christian Man (my son!), 2013